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Mangled Allen wrench

31/01/2016 Leave a comment

A couple of days back, my colleagues and me were trying to change a TV for a client of ours. When we reached the place and dis-assembled the old TV and tried to remove the mounting bracket, it bloody hoot us. The screws that fastened the mounting bracket to the TV were screwed on so tightly that it was almost, nay, impossible to remove them. To add insult to injury, the Allen bolts were Imperial ones!

Fucking hell, I thought. What are we going to do now? All our Allen wrenches were metric ones and all could not fit.

So I rushed into the nearest Giant and promptly bought a set of Allen wrenches…Imperial ones at that. I took out the newly bought Allen wrench that fit the Allen bolt and fit it in. When we tried to unscrew the mounting Allen bolt, try as we might, the bolt refused to budge. So what we did was to use a variety of levers to try to take it out. No dice. After I looked at the newly bought Allen wrench we bought. It was starting to show signs of death. That is what happens when you buy cheap Allen wrenches…they cannot hold up to the rigours of work. Yes…I know…I know. We should have bought good ones from a hardware store but that night, we had no choice.

Looks like I gotta get myself a set of Imperial Allen wrenches…good ones at that…and right soon. Looks like the Bondhus ones I looked at and used that other time might be a strong candidate for that.

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Mounting of exhaust fans behind a video-wall

30/01/2016 Leave a comment

Just the other day, I was called over to a client’s place. They told me that their video-wall was shutting down because of “thermal issues” and they wanted it to be fixed.


So I went down there, tools in hand and opened the access door behind the video wall and this caught my eye.

They say that a picture paints a thousand words. With that in mind, I will leave this right here.


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Sit back and see….

29/01/2016 Leave a comment

These are the type of buses that we normally catch to go up to Malaysia. I remember quite a few times going up to Malaysia in buses like these. They are relatively inexpensive, are smooth and very comfortable. But here is the shocker. Just recently, there was news that travellers going up to Malaysia would have to pay three times the amount, during the Chinese New Year period of the 8th and 9th of February. But apparently, that did not stop people from booking tickets. It has been quite some time since I have been up to Kuala Lumpur. Looks like I gotta take a holiday soon with the wife. I am, as the caption on the bus goes, sit back and see…

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Damaged flightcase

28/01/2016 Leave a comment

I was in a client’s place about a month back and I happened to take a cursory glance at the audio equipment rack. It was in a flightcase and the reason it caught my attention is because I noticed the flightcase was broken. You can clearly see the rear of it, coming off at the “seams”

Now if your flightcase is broken, get it repaired. A flightcase like this protects your equipment and just like an electrical surge protector, once it has done its job, get it replaced or at the very least, repaired. I told my client to get a new flightcase or at the very least, repair this one. He agreed and he said that he will do something about it

I hope he does. because it is in very bad shape. Check on your flightcase now people…and see what needs to be repaired.

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Zappy Boy isopropyl alcohol wipes

27/01/2016 Leave a comment

back in the day, whenever I wanted to clean the tape heads of my cassette recorder, I would dip a cotton swab in 70% isopropyl alcohol and using that, I would clean the heads. That alcohol would clean any gunk and dirt left behind by tape and such. One of my friends uses these. These are isopropyl alcohol wipes that are given to his mother to clean herself when she goes for kidney dialysis…as she is a diabetic. More often than not, there are many left over so my friend uses them to wash his laptop after every use, something I think is a good idea. It is a disinfectant and when I checked online, it seems I can get a packet of ten of these wipes for $2. One learns new things every day. I never knew wipes like these existed…till now anyway.

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Parking in disabled parking lots

26/01/2016 Leave a comment

One thing I really detest are non-disabled car drivers parking their cars in disabled parking lots. Take this car SJC3870B. This fella had no disabled parking labels on his car but was too lazy to look for an empty lot in the multi-story carpark. So what does he do? He blithely parks his car in the disabled lot and probably prevented bonafide disabled drivers from parking their vehicles. Well done you prick…well done

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Dodgy switched-mode power supplies

25/01/2016 Leave a comment

I had to visit a client about two weeks ago because he had a problem with his TV. Apparently, the power supply that was supplying power to his HDMI extender was faulty. When I checked, I found that the LEDs on the extender were lit but there was a problem with the extender working. After I switched power supplies, all was OK. This was due to the spoilt power supply, pictured above. This is not a new case. I have always had to deal with dodgy power supplies like these. They have a pretty short lifespan and in my case, I had to carry a huge 55″ screen from its wall mounting in order to get access to this power supply and remove it. I just wish that the power supplies were built like the old days. At least those power supplies are more reliable!

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