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Manchester United – 2, Swansea City – 1

Manchester United were in such poor form these last few games that I honestly thought that they would get schooled by Swansea. Swansea is no push-over. They are a hard team to beat. We got beated by them in three consecutive meetings but unfortunately for them, this was not one of them

We were playing against Swansea in our home ground Old Trafford. But first, a note about their manager. Swansea had caretaker manager Alan Curtis in charge. I did some reading up on his profile. The fella is 61 years old and has played for Swansea almost all his life. He literally lives and breathes Swansea so in my opinion, this Welshman deserves all that come his way as far as caretaker managers of Swansea are concerned.

When the start whistle blew, I saw a Manchester United side pile on attack after attack. Juan Mata and Rooney had a few first soft touches that did not seem to faze Fabianski, Swansea’s goalkeeper. But Ashley Young, in his lethal position as winger, changed all that. Ke kept crossing the ball, giving the Swansea defence the fits. And finally, one of his goals was picked up by Martial and Martial scored! Whooppeeee! I was going crazy!

But that was not the be-all and end-all. Swansea scored a beautiful goal by Siggurdsson, an Icelandic player. And when I say beautiful, it really was, to give him the credit. So here we were, tied at 1 – 1 but it was not to be for long

Martial was giving the Swansea defence on the left the fits, just as Ashley Young was doing damage on the right. He made a run down the left and did a sublime pass to Rooney who did an audacious flick into the net! By that time, ny wife and I had lost it. We were back! Manchester United was back! And to those detractors who said that Rooney had lost it, go and look at the again, then judge it

So a precious three points Glory Glory Manchester United!

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