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Upgrading firmware on TP-LINK TL-MR3020

Sometimes, I go against what I preach. I have said in many a post that I always will NOT upgrade firmware on my devices. But sometimes, my own advice falls on deaf ears. This is what happened.

As you all probably know, I have this gem of a router, the TP-LINK MR3020 that I like very much and has saved me many a time. I have used it with absolutely NO issues with my Huawei E1550 HSDPA dongle. Now a couple of years back, when I re-contracted with my service provider, they “gave” me a new dongle, a Huawei e3131. That Huawei dongle does not work with my MR3020 and the router does not detect it. So what do I do? First of all, I go to TP-LINK’s website to download the modem config files so that the router will recognise the e3131 modem. I tried a few but they did not work. So I look at the new Huawei e3131 and I look at my old Huawei e1550 and tell myself: it is time for a firmware upgrade for the TL-MR3020

So I go to TP-Link’s website and download the firmware for the modem. I download it and install it. After that, the router reboots itself and presents me with a new login screen. I try to login and can you believe it? I am bloody locked out! I tried the default username and password, I tried the old username and password (old passwords do NOT work on newly-firmware-flashed modems) to see if it would work but no go. So after kicking myself, I fired up the internet and went to look for a solution. I came across this article written by someone who advised to use Opera or another browser to login. I cannot believe it. It was something so simple and THAT WAS THE ANSWER! So I fire up Opera and thank heavens, the default username and password worked!

So I login to the router, checking what has changed and what had not and then came the moment of truth. Would this Huawei HSDPA dongle work on this newly flashed router? Well, I unplug the power, plug in the Huawei e3131 and would you believe it? The bloody thing would NOT work! Fucking hell. But then again, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Edison taught me that

So a lesson here folks. If it is not broken, do NOT fix it. Looks like I have to trawl the Internet auction sites and find another Huawei e1550 3G modem stick because I think that is about the only thing that works with this router. My old Huawei e1550 is not broken…but it is old. I just want to be prepared. So looks like I have to get a spare, and that right soon.

Lesson well and truly learnt.

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