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New battery for my Motorola Defy

My Motorola Defy is five years old this year, still running on Android 2.2 and I might add, still going strong. I love this phone because for one, it is a rock solid phone and still ticking. This phone has outlived all the batteries that I bought for it and like I said, it is still ticking, acting as the backup phone for my wife. So I went online and bought this battery because I want to give my phone more “mileage” This battery cost me all of US$12 but it came promptly and so far, seems to be doing well. I had to spend several days making sure that it was well and truly discharged before I charged it up. It is a habit of mine with new batteries…you have to totally discharge them and then you charge them for a greater part of 10 hours. Then you start the total discharge cycle once again. You have to do three charge  and discharge cycles. This is to prepare the battery…to make it “learn”

In any case, I have a further use of this phone. My prepaid card is on the 2G network and in 2017, Singapore will stop all 2G services. I will have to get my prepaid card changed to a 3G one and thus, this phone will house my newly-minted 3G prepaid card. Thanks Motorola. I have said it before and I will say it again…I love your phones.

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