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Mangled Allen wrench

A couple of days back, my colleagues and me were trying to change a TV for a client of ours. When we reached the place and dis-assembled the old TV and tried to remove the mounting bracket, it bloody hoot us. The screws that fastened the mounting bracket to the TV were screwed on so tightly that it was almost, nay, impossible to remove them. To add insult to injury, the Allen bolts were Imperial ones!

Fucking hell, I thought. What are we going to do now? All our Allen wrenches were metric ones and all could not fit.

So I rushed into the nearest Giant and promptly bought a set of Allen wrenches…Imperial ones at that. I took out the newly bought Allen wrench that fit the Allen bolt and fit it in. When we tried to unscrew the mounting Allen bolt, try as we might, the bolt refused to budge. So what we did was to use a variety of levers to try to take it out. No dice. After I looked at the newly bought Allen wrench we bought. It was starting to show signs of death. That is what happens when you buy cheap Allen wrenches…they cannot hold up to the rigours of work. Yes…I know…I know. We should have bought good ones from a hardware store but that night, we had no choice.

Looks like I gotta get myself a set of Imperial Allen wrenches…good ones at that…and right soon. Looks like the Bondhus ones I looked at and used that other time might be a strong candidate for that.

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