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ABB CEE-form socket issues

Just the other day, at a client’s place, the chucked this CEE-form plug to me and said “Bloody thing does not work”. When I asked them why could they not, at the very least, open it up and see what is wrong with it, they said they could not open it. So I was thinking to myself…how hard can it be for one to open a plug like this? Boy was I proven wrong

I had no documentation on it and web searches turned up almost nothing. So I had a look at the socket. There was a factory inscription on the front of it that showed a screw being turned clockwise, and an unlocked lock under it. A clue, I thought, as I jammed a screwdriver in the locking mechanism. In any case, I forgot to mention, there were no screws fastening this the “head” of the socket to its “body”.  So after studying it for a while, it dawned on me. It was a twist-lock mechanism but first I had to “bend” the head a little bit while unlocking it. That did it! And it conveniently gave me a little cut on my right index finger while doing so

All I can say is, ABB, you make great stuff. But can you make these CEE-sockets of yours a little easier to open?

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