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SunGas – a viable alternative

I have done my fair of Malay weddings at void decks. At most Malay weddings, cooking is done literally in-house and every time I look, I see they are using SunGas gas. Well just the other day, sometime last week, I was at a restaurant having lunch with my wife and I came across this truck that was unloading huge, commercial gas canisters for the restaurant I was eating at. It got me thinking. This must be a cheaper option for them so if it was for them, why not me? I use bottled gas in my home, which I order from Esso. It costs me about $36 per bottle every time it runs out and SunGas, only about $30 per 11kg bottle. So to economise, I suppose that I will have to check this out. And they have a website too!

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