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Changing projector lamps

Just the other day, maybe a couple of weeks ago, I was called down to a client’s lace to change the projector lamp. Now most of these DLP projectors have lamps like these. They look pretty expensive and they certainly are expensive. So when I went onsite, they gave me two boxes including the lamps, which were sealed in plastic bags. The reason is that this Mitsubishi projector used two lamps. However, I had to remove the old lamps. They were stuck and after forcing them out, one of the lamps shattered inside the projector. So I had to clean the glass from the bowels of the projector. After it was done, I replaced it with the new lamps and reset the amount of lamp hours in the projector and after that, it was good to go.

Remember. Best practices. Never touch the glass of the projector lamps. Always if possible, hold it with a soft, dry cloth. Always wipe off fingerprints with the same soft, lint-free cloth. When all precautions have been taken, you will be rewarded with a lovely picture that these beautiful DLP projectors can produce

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