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USB sound-card installed in a client’s premises

I wrote an article some time back about my friend buying a sound-card for use with his controller, that did not have a sound card installed in it. When I was at a client’s place earlier this week, I saw that they had installed this very similar USB sound card in their premises. This was or rather is to facilitate their laptops to connect to the sound system in the board room. The reason is because some laptops do not have sound card outputs in the form of mini-jacks on their laptops.

But here lies the question. I have never installed one of these things on my system before so I do not know if Windows has the default drivers for this tiny USB sound card. Do they need the ASIO drivers for it? All I know is that when the client plugged in the USB cable that is connected to this little device, it worked…but how do I know if he had installed the software before hand? In any case, this looks pretty good and I might invest in one myself…

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