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The Redmi Note 2

About a week ago, my mother lost her mobile phone. She was quite upset about it because all her contacts were on that phone. Plus, she also had some SMSes from various people on that phone and for her, that was a tad bit inconvenient. In any case, a part of me is secretly glad she lost it because that phone was an old Nokia. I cannot for my life remember what model it was but now, it looks like I will have to get her a new phone and it looks like this Redmi Note 2

Now, the reason why I wanted to get her a smartphone instead of a Nokia 2G phone (like the one she had previously) is because the telcos in Singapore will soon be giving up their 2G spectrum. This happens next year. So like it or not, she will have to get a 3G phone and I think a smartphone is the way to go. One of my friends got his mother the very same Xiamo Redmi Note 2 and from what he told me, his mother is very pleased with it.

There are lots of great things about this phone is that is it has a 5.5 inch screen that will suit my mum’s eyes and besides that, you can set this Xiaomi to have its proprietary MIUI to be simplified. You can read up about the Redmi Note 2 here and I can tell you, it is relatively inexpensive and it just works.

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