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Dell LA90PS1 PA-10 90 watt power adapter

When I first bought my Dell Vostro laptop computer in 2007, I was at first complaining about the monster power supply that they have me for the laptop. Not only was it bigger than most of the laptop adapters I had seen, it was also pretty heavy and it was not fun to lug around a heavy backpack with this and the equally heavy Vostro laptop. But you know something? It must have been made of good stuff because today, almost 9 years later, the original Vostro laptop that it came with is dead but this adapter, it is still ticking AND it is providing power for my Dell Inspiron N5050 laptop too. Not only that, I think it is going to outlast this laptop as well.

I wonder. What is in this power supply that makes it so reliable all these years? I have no idea. maybe it is because it almost never gets switched off. maybe they are made of stronger materials inside like a proper transformer instead of a switch-mode power supply. I have no idea. All I know is, it is robust and has stood the test of time. Looks like when I get a new notebook, I will probably still be using this!

Oh. And if you are wondering about the power supply when I bought this Inspiron N5050? Well, it ha stayed in the laptop bag and only used when I bring this laptop offsite. Thanks Dell. Please make more great adapters like these will ya?

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