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Extron VTG-400 Programmable Video and Audio Test Generator

A couple of days back, my colleagues and I had to go and test a video-wall at a client’s place. As we needed some test patterns, we normally use a notebook but in this case, we needed a DVI-D input. Enter the VTG 400 test generator. Now this is a nice bit of kit. What it is essentially an advanced, programmable, and upgradeable Video and Audio Test Generator that delivers  full bandwidth video signal reproduction and audio test signals. We needed this because this test generator is a reference tool for set-up, performance evaluation, calibration, and troubleshooting audio and video systems, and that video wall was no exception.

After that test was over, I was wondering how I might get a unit for myself. A unit like this will be very useful to have in my kit bag when I want to do measurement and calibration. I went to Extron’s website and was able to get the features of this awesome piece of equipment:

  • Video outputs: RGBHV on BNC and 15-pin HD connectors, component video on BNC connectors, S-video on a 4-pin mini DIN connector, and composite video on a BNC connector.
  • SDI/HD-SDI, RGBHV, component video, S-video, and composite video output
  • 34 video test patterns — Includes multiple crosshatch patterns, color bars, PLUGE, crop patterns, geometry, grayscale, and alternating pixel patterns, as well as flat field, window, checkerboard, hum bar, and Patented CTF Contrast Transfer Function patterns with adjustable levels. The CTF pattern is covered by US patent 7,369,159.
  • Seven audio test signals — Includes sine waves, square waves, pink noise, white noise, polarity, frequency sweeps, and sine wave bursts with selectable frequencies and output levels.
  • 113 selectable output rates, including high resolution computer video, HDTV, and NTSC/PAL video — Provides 113 factory scan rates for RGB or HD component video, as well as standard definition component video, S-video, and composite video. Also accommodates up to 180 additional user-defined scan rates.
  • 183 user-defined, custom output rates — Custom output rates can be programmed into the VTG 400 Series to accommodate new or unique display resolutions.
  • Patented Scope-Trigger™ expedites signal/system troubleshooting when using an oscilloscope — An innovative feature that enables analysis of a specific area within the test pattern image using an oscilloscope. This feature is especially helpful in identifying signal and display imperfections. US patent 7,394,474.
  • Four Quick Select memory presets — User settings, including output scan rates and test signal selections, can be saved to and recalled from four memory presets via direct access buttons.
  • Broadcast quality video encoder — Ensures compliance with SMPTE and NTSC/PAL standards for accurate video performance.
  • Auto Sequence mode — Specific test patterns can be selected for a repeating sequence with selectable time intervals.
  • Selectable RGB color output — The red, green, or blue color channel can be enabled or disabled via the set-up menu.
  • Auto-memory recall — Settings are saved when the VTG 400D is turned off and automatically recalled when subsequently powered.
  • RS-232 control port for custom scan rate programming, firmware upgrades, and control with Extron SIS™ Simple Instruction Set
  • Screen Saver mode — An adjustable timer can be set to engage the VTG 400D in Screen Saver mode, with either the video output muted or as a repeating sequence of test patterns.
  • Main panel security lockout — All main panel controls except the power button can be locked out to prevent unauthorized use or tampering.
  • Rugged metal enclosure — Appropriate for field use, but can also be placed on a desktop. For added protection and portability, a soft nylon carrying case is included.
  • Highly reliable, energy-efficient internal universal power supply — The 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, international power supply provides worldwide power compatibility with high demonstrated reliability.

Pretty good. Covers everything that I need. No need to bring a laptop to any place to check on audio and video as this covers everything. Let us see if we can find one for sale online

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