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Prima Deli staff made racist remarks at job interview

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I have bought some stuff from Prima Deli over the years. Their waffles were always something I bought every now and again when I wanted a quick pick-me-up, or for breakfast. To be honest, I was about to buy one of those waffles yesterday evening but when I read about the racist remarks they made to an interview candidate, I lost my appetite for all things from them

This lady, Sarah Camariah. She want for an interview with Prima Deli and this is what she had to say in a Facebook post about that interview:

So this past Monday, 2 days ago, I went for a job interview at a well-known halal bakery for the position of a cake decorator. As some of you may know, I’ve been baking for the past couple of years, doing wedding cakes and deserts. I thought that this interview was a really great opportunity for me to continue pursuing what I love.

The interview with HR went well. We had a great chat, talked about the baking industry, and discussed the role that was being offered so on and so forth. After looking at my portfolio she was keen to move things forward, and so was I. She shuffled up and down the office, making phone calls to coordinate a last minute meeting with the head of the baking department, who was 5 floors above the HR office. I waited for about 15 minutes for the head of the department, and at that point was really looking forward to meeting him. The HR rep then sat me down in a another meeting room next to the waiting room. These two rooms were separated by a glass panel, so you could clearly see what was going on outside.

So the head of the department arrived with one of his colleagues. I introduced myself to the both of them and we sat down to talk.
He looked through my portfolio, flipping through the pages very haphazardly. After a few moments, he proceeded to asked me, “Can you coat a cake?”, to which I answered “Yes I can.”.

Silence… Then he then said we could go up to the bakery so that I could do a demonstration. We stood to got up to proceed upstairs, but then he turned to me, gesturing his hands at me from head to toe and said,

“From what I see, and the way you look, and not trying to be racist ah, but you Malay, I think you cannot la”

I was stunned and I just froze. I felt my ears getting a little hot, but I didn’t want to lose my cool. I was taken aback and didn’t quite know how to respond anyway. I just kept quiet because I was shocked. He continued,

“You know ah, Malays ah they over promise, promise I can do this I can do that, in the end, cannot make it, after 2 days disappear.”

I answered him,

“Sir, I haven’t promised you anything. I think you should give me a chance”

By this point, I was extremely disgusted, angry and in total disbelief. He laughed again and said,

“Ya ok ok, we will head upstairs and proceed, then we see where we can go from there? Anyways you speak Chinese not? Cos mostly all my worker speak Chinese”

I answered that I didn’t speak the language but I could understand bits and pieces.

‘What the heck,’ I told myself. I had already come this far, I might as well finish this off and do this well for myself. We proceeded to the baking room where I was handed a bowl of frosting, a pallet knife, frosting bag, 4 layers of cake, and a scraper.

The department head left and sent in another colleague to watch me. He couldn’t speak English well, so we had a hard time communicating.

I asked him how he wanted the cake to be coated, to try to get a better sense of the technique required, to which he answered “Yes you coat, you coat”.

So I coated the cake, clean with standard edges and finish. He motioned for me to scrape the edges with a zig zag scraper, so I did. It turned out fine, the edges were clean and I did the best that I could. Not a single crumb in sight, neatly combed.

The department head returned, walking into the room, laughed while saying, “Aiyo cannot Llah”

He started talking to his colleague in mandarin, thinking I would not understand him. From what he said I understood that I was actually supposed to be shown a sample cake that I was meant to recreate. “Ni mei you gei da kan sample ah?” Nope, he did not let me see a sample.

At this point, I grabbed my bag, thanked them both for their time, took back the copies of my portfolio, and left.

I have no intention of naming or shaming this organisation and its people, but I would like to highlight that racial discrimination in the job market is more real than we think. I’m making a stand and sharing my story because I believe in equal rights and equal opportunity for everyone. How can anyone judge another based on general racial stereotypes? In Singapore, of all places, a supposedly racially harmonious and fair country? Particularly in my case, what I thought was ironic as hell, was that this company actually prides itself on catering to the Muslim community.

Are we going to start making this right or are we going to sweep it under the rug and just suck it up as “the way things are?”

The point I’m trying to make is that nobody wants to be generalised or defined by racial stereotypes. Racial profiling is unfair and unjust. We are more than our skin. We are actions. We are people. We are human beings with original thought and different experiences that have shaped us to become unique individuals with so much potential to offer society and the world. And yet I find myself, for the first time, discriminated against and not given a real chance for something I’m confident at, for something that I know sets me apart. Nobody should ever be told that they can’t do something based on the colour of their skin, but the sad reality is that this is real, and this is really happening.

Needless to say , I probably will never buy flour, cakes, pastes or anything from these people ever again. But I do wish them the best of luck maintaining their halal certification, and I do wonder how they will maintain their minimum Muslim employment quota.

Shocking isn’t it? Now Prima Deli immediately posted something on their Facebook page:

And after the investigation had been done, they posted something a little later on saying that the staff member that allegedly made the racist remarks had been fired:

So who do we believe? I believe the lady’s story because I have seen, with my own eyes, racial discrimination taking place. I have heard people actually uttering racist things against people of another race. But Prima Deli…did you really sack the fella? Or is it just lip service?

This is sad. All I know is, I will not be patronising Prima Deli anymore. And I do not thing anyone will either.


Vehicle washing bay cleared up

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A few months back I was talking about a washing bay for big trucks. Well, I was passing by the area recently and I noticed that it has been cleared up. Apparently, it was not needed anymore as development in that plot of land had stopped. This is good news as one more nesting area for mosquitos has been cleared

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Way to go Mr Zainodin of SMRT!

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A post went viral today and I happened to see it on my Facebook feed. In the post, Samantha Bek says:

Hi SMRT, I see many complaints mostly on this page and just wanted to brighten up someone’s day with this post. My son takes the train at Bishan station to school every morning and he looks forward to the train ride cos he gets to see his favourite friendly MRT Uncle Zainodin! My son calls him Star Wars uncle because of the ‘light saber’ he carries around. Despite his age, he always squat and give my son a big hug. In the short 2min wait for the train, the two of them will chit chat and sometimes my son will show him his toys or books. It may be a small gesture but Uncle Zainodin has brightened up my son’s mornings and I just want to say thank you.

Update: Uncle Zainodin said thank you to us this morning! I think its a great time for us to start sharing SMRT and other gratitude stories. Let’s post them here on this thread I started

We need more people to show more love for the people around them.

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Throwing away Muslim prayer mats? Savills has some explaining to do

29/04/2016 2 comments

I read with consternation about what Mr Ismail Ahmad posted in Facebook this morning. His post was also picked up by The Independent and was posted on Savill’s Facebook page by members of the public. How can this person Jennifer Peh do something like this? Regardless of hearing both sides of the story, I feel that this situation could have been handled better.

Causeway Link bus to Johore Bahru

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About a month back, when I went to JB, and while waiting for a bus at the Rochore Road Bus and Taxi Stand for the SBS Transit bus 170 to take me there, I decided to try this one instead. This Causeway Link bus service, to be honest, I have known about it for some time but I have never taken it before, until last month that is. The cost of my ticket was $3.30 but that is very affordable as far as I can see. I have heard that when you take the very same bus from Johore Bahru, it will cost you about RM3, and given the exchange rates nowadays, it is very affordable. So I take the bus and it brings me all the way to JB via the expressways. It was a very comfortable journey too, on a very nice air-conditioned bus. It sure beats taking Service 170!

Portable PA system in ITE

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I was at ITE Ang Mo Kio this afternoon and I came across this setup there. That is a huge flightcase with amplifiers, processors and a mixer mounted in it. Apparently, what these guys do is to wheel out this flightase and connect it via Speakons to a patch panel, which in turn is connected to some permanently mounted speakers above the venue. So, in a way, this is is a portable PA system. The amplifiers and electronics are stored in here and wheeled out and connected up when there is an event and after the event, you close up the flightcase after unplugging the Speakons and the 16A power cable. This is a very good idea and it helps to protect the electronic items from what is clearly an outdoor venue.

What’s the story morning glory?

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While walking to the bus stop that would take me to my work place, I had to walk through an unused piece of land. I cam across some morning glory flowers in full bloom. I used to learn about them when I was a kid in school but to be honest I have never really seen them in their glory. So when I saw them I immediately knelt down and snapped a pic of them. Lovely, aren’t they?

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