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Girl refuses to give up seat to elderly man on Singapore MRT

I saw this Facebook post from one of my friends sharing it on my Facebook wall and I felt indignant. I was brought up to always respect my elders and I always strive to do that. With that being said, check out what Cha Lin wrote on her post:

This girl needs help!!!

Was on the north-south line today on a Friday evening, the train being crowded as usual.

Uncle got up at Toa Payoh. (Or was it novena)

Okay la it was around 630pm, I noticed him cause I thought he looks like my ah gong so cute with white hair kind, and partly cause he was looking a little tired.

So this spoilt brat here, lets call her A, was on the phone when he stood in front of her,

Since she’s on the phone, I thought maybe she never notice him so let’s give her the benefit of the doubt, (I mean sometimes when I’m deep in thoughts, I also cannot pay attention to my surroundings),
so I tahan until she puts down her phone which is almost 10mins later at Yio Chu Kang.

I gestured to the Uncle and asked if he’s okay and wanted to sit, he just smile and shake his head (so poor thing cause he kept fidgeting and I know he PAISEH)

I politely told A if she could give up her seat for Uncle and here comes the awesome bit…..


If you want to see what the spoilt brat looks like, this is a picture taken of her from the front

Time to make her infamous. If you are the girl concerned, and you are reading this, learn to have some respect for your elders.


  1. Suze
    11/06/2016 at 01:19

    For every girl shaming, I can show you at least 6 cases of MEN who sits and bo hui on the many weaker and tired women standing in heels, or senior women that is the same age as their aunts or mothers too. Rightly, the photo should be fair to show who is sitting on four reserve seats around that entrance to know if any of those are abusing those seats first.

    Men here doesn’t much care about our womenfolk on public transport in generall sadly and shamefully most observed and girl-shaming is just perpectuating the misogyny culture. The senior man on photo is in fact very fit for his age, so it seems more a subjective judgement and shaming rather.

  2. constantine josephine
    13/09/2016 at 01:36

    Please stop this SMRT seat shaming nonsense logo. Whoever took this photo, you don’t consider the consequences of what might happen to yourself when the post goes viral in the hands of thousands of anonymous strangers looking for the next tasty morsel of online entertainment. You can get charged in court for nothing. And of course, you don’t realize the very same things could happen to you too. Look here!
    a) Senior citizens and persons with disability are entitled to a 20 percent discount in taxi fare.
    Why the old man don’t take taxi? Any way, so old still need to come out? Time to rest and relax while its time for the younger generations to begin their working lives and to strive for success. I don’t see a reason why the girl should give up the chair.

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