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The newly renovated Church of Saints Peter and Paul

My wife and I were pretty excited to know about the newly renovated and re-opened Church of Saints Peter and Paul. We used to attend Mass at this beautiful church before till it was shut down for renovations. It needed it because the room was threatening to cave in. Age can take its toll on a building and it showed. In any case, when we got there on its soft opening day, which was on a Saturday before Palm Sunday, I snapped this picture. That tent in the foreground is the place where the services used to be held while the church was being renovated and on the day I took this picture, that tent was like a holding ground for worshippers to enter the church. When we finally entered the church, this greeted our eyes

It was beautiful. Simply beautiful. The roof had been repaired and there was a fresh coat of paint all around. There were air-cons installed and I love those lamps that they have installed, looking like the lamps that used to be installed at The Cathedral of The Good Shepherd. There was a new Nexo speaker system too to replace the old Bose speakers that used to adorn the place. I was thinking to myself: God has restored the church to glorious place for His people. Go and see it sometime if you can…its beautiful

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