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Denise Phua and the walking time bombs

I was very amused, and at the same time sad, when I read what Ms Denise Phua had to say about foreign workers being “walking time bombs”. I like Ms Phua. I have met her on a few occasions and her heart is in the right place. But this statement by her makes me scratch my head because it is not like her to say something like this. This is what was said in Parliament, quoted from The Straits Times

Communal areas in Little India such as playgrounds and void decks should be fenced off to make sure “the old and young can get to use the space meant for them”, Ms Denise Phua (Jalan Besar GRC) said.

She said crowds in the area have returned to levels before the Dec 8, 2013 riot, and residents must be protected from “the disamenities that can arise from large gatherings”.

She acknowledged the contributions of foreign workers, but added: “Congregations of such high density are walking time-bombs and public disorder incidents waiting to happen.” She also called for more recreation centres for foreign workers to be built outside Little India.

I do not know. Maybe she was quoted out of context. Maybe she meant it. All I know is she does not seem like the kind of person who would say such a thing. Let’s hope that she clarifies what she says because when I read it, it did not sound nice at all.

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