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Xiaomi MI Pad charger

This USB charger was shipped with my MI Pad that I bought some time back. At first, I left it and did not use it much because:

  • I have enough USB chargers
  • This Xiaomi charger only comes with US-type plug prongs

So after many months of it sitting in my drawer, I decided to pull it put one day to charge my MI Pad overnight. I normally leave my MI Pad on slow-charge with another adapter but on this night, I needed a quick charge. In the morning, when I checked my MI Pad, it had been fully charged up! I did some research on this charger. Apparently it is a 2.1 mAH charger and can even charge iPads. So it looks like I have one helluva charger, but, I have to get an adapter for it. That Wonpro adapter of mine should suit it just fine I think…

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