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“Do you know who I am?” asks local actress Lu Rui En

I happened to come across this article written in The Independent, an online news portal here in Singapore. Apparently Rui En, an actress, used this words on a person who confronted her after she knocked over his motorbike after mounting a kerb. here is the story in full, from The Independent:

The Chinese newspaper Wanbao reported today that television actress Lu Rui En allegedly hit a motorcycle with her black BMW. The motorbike rider said that she smelled of alcohol.

The accident happened yesterday (12 Apr) at about 4.10pm, in the car park in front of Block 332 in Clementi Avenue 2.

The motorbike rider, 52-year-old Bahrom Sarmiten told Wanbao that he realised that his motorcycle had been hit when he heard a loud noise as he was walking to the car park.

He said that he was worried that the driver will drive off without stopping and knocked on her car window a few times before she stopped. Bahrom further said that the actor tried to shield her face, before she found a pair of sunglasses and got-off the car.

The first thing the actor allegedly asked the rider was, “do you know who I am?”

The rider didn’t know who she was but said that “even if she’s a minister’s daughter, I don’t care.” A passer-by later told Bahrom that she was a famous TV actor.

Rui En offered the driver $2000 in cash to privately settle the matter, which the rider refused. He said that his bike was extensively damaged and the money offered would not cover it.

The actor allegedly told him, “I’m giving you $2,000 and it’s not enough? It’s cash, you know?”

Bahrom said that if she had been humble, sounded apologetic and offered more for the damages, he would have settled the matter privately.

The police took the actor away in a police car after giving her a breath test, said Wanbao. The police have confirmed that they are investigating a 35-year-old in the case.

You know Rui En, this wouldn’t be so bad of you were not so arrogant. And the classic part of it? Hype Records posted a statement and this was part of it:

Due to some misjudgement, she accidentally knocked over a stationary motorcycle.

Yeah. Right. Misjudgement. Check out this photo from the Wanbao:

What misjudgement?

All I can say is, someone is gonna get the book thrown at here for drink-driving. Does not matter what you say Rui En. You drove under the influence of alcohol. That is a no-no as far as the law is concerned. And I bet that now, after this, everyone will know who she is so she does not have to ask that question.

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