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Coffee Break at Amoy sucks. Give me Heap Seng Leong anytime!

On the second floor of Amoy Street hawker centre there is a coffee stall named Coffee Break. Every day there is a long line of people lining up to buy their coffee. The owners are pleasant, polite people and always serve you with courtesy. They have lots of choices as far as coffee is concerned, with many exotic flavours. I was just there about a week ago for lunch and I decided to try their coffee after my lunch and my verdict?

Bland. Horrible. Actually, to be honest, I used to work in the area a few years back. Back then, if you anted the best coffee in Amoy Street Hawker Centre, it was Syed Mohamad drinks on the 1st level. There was one time I tried Coffee Break a few years back when Syed Mohamed drinks was closed, and I needed my morning cuppa. So I went to Coffee Break and immediately regretted it.

Fast forward to a week back. I thought that I would give Coffee Break another chance by trying it out. And the result? As I said above…not worth it. I do not know what people are queuing up for to be honest. You can get better coffee at Syed Mohamed Drinks.

But my choice? No contest. Heap Seng Leong. I have mentioned them before in this blog. In that coffeshop, the coffee is brewed by the master, one who has brewed coffee for years. Once you try that coffee, any other coffee does not mean anything, including Coffee Break at Amoy Street.

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