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Throwing away Muslim prayer mats? Savills has some explaining to do

I read with consternation about what Mr Ismail Ahmad posted in Facebook this morning. His post was also picked up by The Independent and was posted on Savill’s Facebook page by members of the public. How can this person Jennifer Peh do something like this? Regardless of hearing both sides of the story, I feel that this situation could have been handled better.

  1. Sam Chew
    29/04/2016 at 18:08

    Before throwing in all the abuses and comments on the condo manager, do the poster know the seriousness of what his article has contribute to the disruption of racial harmony in Singapore. Why not the writer come clean on what have actually happened in the condo itself. With respect to all the evidences that I know, the writer can be subjected to slandering and trying to cause racial tension by stirring racial hatred. If there is any issues with the management, I do believe in proper complaint and not posting untrue facts in the social media. The person in charge is able to legal advice and to claim damage in the untrue claims as in the article. Why the writer did not raise the issue of him threatening the manager and cursing her? Plus refusing to accept the notice of clearing and then challenging the management to clear the affected area and crying foul of being insensitive to other religions?

  2. nordinamat
    01/05/2016 at 04:46

    If it’s true Mr Ismail Ahmad did threaten and curse Ms Jennifer Peh, then an apology is in order.

    In hindsight, I’m concerned that such intolerance is bred by the mainstream media guilty of selective stereotyping Islam with terrorism

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