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Manchester United are FA Cup Champions!!

Just before the game started at 1230am Singapore time, there was a storm of epic proportions. Rain was leaking into our house as gale-force winds threatened to blow our windows in. As my wife and I put old towels around the windows sill, trying to soak up the water, the match that we were looking forward to win had started. Finally, we were able to do lots of damage control and watch the match proper, food and drinks at the ready.

While watching the match online, we were also browsing Twitter and the like, looking for stuff related to this match and came across this post on West Ham’s Facebook account. It really made us chortle!

Meanwhile, the match finished at half-time with 0 – 0, although there were some tense moments. In the 21st minute, Juan Mata almost scores but is palmed away by the Crystal Palace goalkeeper. Then Rashford gives a scintillating run, passes it to Martial but was kicked out by the defender. That was the second attempt and that was how the first half ended, as I said, with 0 – 0

In the second half, in the 52nd minute, Rashford passes to Fellaini but it hits the bar! Dammit! here I was at the edge of my seat, ready to yell in the goal and it gets denied by the crossbar! And that was not the only one. In the 60th minute, Martial’s header was denied by the upright…the woodwork one more time denying us a goal! And then it happened.

On the 77th minute, Puncheon scored. Bloody hell. I mas mad as hell. We were trying our best but it seemed like the goals were not happening! So here we were…CP -1, MU – 0. I was thinking…come on…we have to pull one back! And then, the magic happened!

On the 80th minute, Rooney gives a weaving run, running past several defenders. Near the goal mouth, he kicks it to Fellaini, who chests it, and it falls in front of Juan Mata, who sends it in! I was roaring then! CP – 1, MU – 1. I was thinking at the 90th minute mark…OK…5 minutes extra time…hopefully we can win in extra time.

The first 15 minutes , nothing much happens except that Smalling get’s sent off. We are down to ten men. I could read Louis Van Gaal’s lips as he told Ryan Giggs… 4-4-1. Then came the next 15 minutes of extra time and that is when Valencia made a run and kicked it to Lingard and Lingard gives a tremendous volley, right to the back of the net! I was whooping for joy! Crystal Palace – 1, Manchester United – 2! Manchester United…FA Cup Champions!

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