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Yamaha CBR15 passive loudspeakers

The CBR Series is a lineup of passive loudspeakers developed by Yamaha in 2014. I remember that I was pretty excited when I first came across it. The CBR Series includes the same enclosure design as the DBR Series and comes equipped with one speakON jack and a 1/4-inch phone jack. Componentry-wise, the CBR15 speakers come equipped with customized transducers that feature a woofer with a 2.5” voice-coil. Additionally, a constant directivity horn takes care of the highs. And this is the cool thing about these speakers. Have you ever blown your speakers by cranking up the output levels beyond your speakers capabilities? CBR Series speakers employ a protection function that limits excessive input to the HF unit. So that is one worry of your back, especially when the party starts to roar!

The CBR15 speakers feature a durable and lightweight plastic cabinet equipped with handles that greatly minimize system transport and setup. In addition, all CBR models feature a sleek, steel front grille that protects the inner speaker components from hazards.

I am seriously thinking of getting myself a pair, along with a flightcase. The speakers on their own cost about $1000 a pair. The flightcase will cost me $400. An amp will cost me about $1000. So I am looking at about $2500. Not too bad. Gotta think about it, but it is looking mighty tempting

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