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Klark Teknik DN9610 AES50 repeater

Lots of digital consoles nowadays have digital “snakes” which are connected via Cat6 Ethernet cable. The problem with Ethernet cable is that it is only good for up to 100 metres…on paper that is. So what happens if your stagebox is located some distance away? Enter the Klark Teknik DN9610 AES50 repeater. Very useful for boards like the Midas boards and the Behringer X32 which use AES50 connections. It is about the same size as their DI boxes so something like this would be very useful. Some features are:

  • Extends two independent AES50 connections by up to 100 m with CAT5 cable
  • High channel capacity
    – 48 channels @ 96 kHz or 96 channels @ 48 kHz bidirectional operation
  • Supports dual-redundant AES50 networks (X and Y connections)
  • Rugged locking Neutrik* etherCON connectors used for AES50 connections
  • Status indicator LEDs on front panel for each AES50 port
  • Dual-redundant power supply inputs with locking Switchcraft* connectors
  • External auto-ranging universal switch-mode power supply adapter
  • Aluminium extrusion casing with stackable protective silicone rubber sleeve
  • Compact and rugged design

I do not use a digital board, at least not at present. But if I start using one, looks like I will be getting one of these. These are very useful indeed

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