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Resorts World Sentosa axes 400

First of all, I would like to credit Gracey Niu for the picture above of the Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) casino entrance. Now I have been to Resorts World Sentosa…many a time. One of my clients is located here and there was one time I went there with my wife after she got some free tickets. Never been in the casino though for two reasons. One, I do not gamble. Two, even if I wanted to go in, I have to pay a $100 entrance fee. No thanks.

There was a big thing mentioned in the news a couple of days back about the RWS casino axing 400 jobs. Many of them have been there since the start and some were feeling pretty bummed about it. According to the news, some were voluntarily asked to resign and were offered a severance package, which to some was deemed as not worth it. Others who were informed about the “voluntary resignations” but did not do so were sacked and had to leave immediately. One such person, I heard, only got a severance pay of about $35000, something he is not too happy about. All in all, they felt that RWS could have done the exercise better and I feel the same way.

Now let me ask this question to all of those reading this…how secure is your job?As for those working in RWS, did you really think your job was secure? Some of those laid off bought houses and now that they are laid off, what are they going to do? Sure, they can try the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) casino. I have heard that they are looking for people. In fact, MBS is hiring, from what I have heard. But back to the topic of the casinos, of all industries, laying people off. But if you all really look at the cards, for want of a better term, the writing was on the wall. The economy ain’t the best and China is clamping down on corruption so all the rich China tourists are starting to watch their spending. The two casinos here need high rollers like these and if these high rollers do not come, your job is in jeopardy. Forget about the integrated resorts. How much money does that bring in? At least MBS looks more classy than RWS that looks really worn out. No wonder people are giving RWS a wide berth

To all those people getting laid off, I wish you all the best. Hope you get a job soon. Chin up. Think of it as a lesson learnt about the corporate world.

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