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Zip-Linq power extension cord

Day before yesterday, I was at a client’s place and I came across this nifty power extension cord, made by a company named Zip-Linq. I was thinking to myself that something like this sure is handy to have around and I am sure that it will be an awesome addition to my toolkit, if I could get the UK version of it. The one I saw used US power plugs.

On second thought, after reading some of the reviews on Amazon about this gadget, I have the feeling that not many people can vouch for its durability. I suppose I will be better off with what I have, and that consists of a rather long IEC cable with an adapter that plugs into the IEC end, allowing me to connect 13A plugs to it. That is small and fits rather easily into my bag. So it looks like I will be sticking with that.

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