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Giggling Singaporean shoplifters in Bangkok

A friend of mine who worked in Singapore Airlines as an air-crew, related this story to me once. When they hecked into a Japanese hotel, one of the managers of the hotel made a remark in Japanese. One of the SQ Japanese crew hung her head in shame when she heard that remark. Upon being questioned what the hotel manager said, the Japanese SQ stewardess said that the manager said: “Here come the 18 SQ thieves”. How humiliating.

That is why when I saw this report “Fury On Facebook Over Giggling Singaporean Shoplifters” I got really pissed off. What is it with some of these kids nowadays or even adults for that matter?

Here is the report from the website:

A group of young tourists from Singapore have come under fire on Thai social media when photos of them laughing and joking after they were caught shoplifting in a Bangkok mall went viral.

Two young women in the group were caught on camera stealing items from the ‘My Friday Shop’ on the fourth floor at Platinum Fashion Mall in Pratunam on Friday, with the owner reporting the incident to mall security.

The Singaporean shoplifters were seen on CCTV leaving the mall at around 12.45pm with their photos being widely shared on the “Love Platinum” Line group.

An hour later a group member posted she had spotted them at MBK and the owner of ‘My Friday Shop’ rushed there in the hope of catching the pair.

After searching for almost an hour they were finally spotted and approached. The shop owner confronted the two women and they all went to the MBK information counter in a bid to resolve the issue.

However, the shop owner said the stolen items were then passed to the two young men in the party who tried to walk away but were prevented from doing so by a helpful security guard.

After 30 minutes of accusations and denials the cops were called with all involved told to return to Platinum Fashion Mall where in-house security would oversee the case.

After another hour of more denials the two women eventually agreed to pay 5,000 baht to the shop owner if she didn’t file a police report.

The outrage came from Facebook users with the photos taken by mall security of the women posing with the stolen items laughing and joking like it was a big joke.

Photo Credit: Auk Thanima

Here are some more pics of the perpetrators.

Thanks you idiots. Now because of you fellas, Singaporeans will be getting a bad name. I just hope that when I do go to Thailand, I will not have some airport security official remarking to a colleague: “Here comes the Singaporean thief”

I hope you fellas have learnt your lesson. And to the Thai people…we Singaporeans apologise for what these idiots did

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