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SanDisk SSD Plus 240Gb SSD hard drive

Some time back, I wrote about an Intel 80Gb SSD drive that I got from my client. Now that SSD hard drive has started to fill up in an alarming manner. 80Gb just don’t cut it anymore. I had to live without my MP3s, my movies and I had to be very careful that I did not max it out with applications and programs. That is when I decided to bite the bullet, cough up $92 dollars and the result? This Sandisk SSD Plus SSD drive

U saw the review on Amazon. Pretty good I must say. But I was drawn into the price of this drive and the 240Gb capacity of it. It was practically a no-brainer and loading the drive was pretty fast with Windows 7. It has a read speed of up to 535 MB/s, a write speed of up to 445 MB/s and it has a SATA Revision 3.0 (6 Gb/s) interface. It fit in my trusty 5-year-old HP EliteBook notebook with ease and does that notebook fly!

I downloaded some software for it too…the SanDisk SSD Dashboard. The SanDisk SSD Dashboard helps users maintain peak performance of the SanDisk SSD in Windows operating systems with a user-friendly graphical interface. The SanDisk SSD Dashboard includes tools for analysis of the disk (including the disk model, capacity, firmware version, and S.M.A.R.T. attributes) and firmware updates. So in a fact, it is very useful. I have not downloaded the .Net Framework that requires to run it but once I do, I think I will be ready to go

So if you need a good, inexpensive SSD drive, get this. There are faster ones out there but from what I have, this is the least expensive


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