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Apple 12W USB Power Adapter

31/07/2016 Leave a comment

I have one of these very good Apple 12W USB Power Adapters in my arsenal of tools. This adapter comes in very helpful when it comes to charging my Xiaomi MiPad or my Xiaomi Battery Bank. One thing about this charger is that it is pretty good and fast charging and charges my devices very fast. I plug in my devices overnight and by the next morning, they are all full. These are useful. I might get another one as a spare

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DisplayPort to DVI-D adapter

30/07/2016 Leave a comment

Just the other day I saw this in a waste-basket of a client’s place. I asked him if he wanted it but he told me to help myself to it. This is very useful. My work laptop does not come with a HDMI port but instead comes with a DisplayPort output. This will be very useful for connecting to a VGA pots with an adaptor. But the only problem that I foresee is that there will be no sound being transmitted, like a DisplayPort to HDMI. So I guess I will have to deal with that but when it comes to testing video, this cannot be beat. OK. Looks like I have to get a DVI-D to HFMI adapter for this

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Rainclouds over Marina Bay Sands

29/07/2016 Leave a comment

I was at a client’s office and they had a beautiful view over Marina Bay. This was a couple of days back and the sky was pretty bleak as it was going to rain. So I took the opportunity to snap a picture of Marina Bay Sands with the heavy rainclouds over it. Looks pretty good eh?

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Mr Shanmugam has been awfully quiet about the civil service audit

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I saw this in the Facebook group The Alternative View and I thought that I should just leave this here

The making of a Ramly Burger

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Last month, during the Muslim fasting month, they had a bazaar of sorts behind the Sultan Mosque. Lots of food was sold at that place and one of my favourites is the Ramly Burger. I have made a post on it before but you probably have not seen how it is done. This is the picture of the preparation of the Ramly burger. First, the chef cooks the patties of beef or chicken. After they are cooked and seasoned with spices, he breaks some eggs and spreads them to make a thin omelette. After that, he wraps each of the patties in the omelette. He then squirts on some mayonnaise and barbecue sauce. After that, two buns are cooked on the hot-plate with some margarine spread on them. After the margarine has melted, he puts the omelette-wrapped patty in between the bread and there it is…your Ramly burger!

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Shashlik Restaurant

26/07/2016 Leave a comment

A couple of days back, we took our aunt who was celebrating her 80th birthday to Shashlik Restaurant, a Russian-Hainanese restaurant located at Far East Shopping Centre. This restaurant has been in operation since 1986 it seems, but I have a funny feeling that it has been around for longer. They serve a whole manner of meat dishes, ranging from their famous shashlik, to borscht soup. Their meat dishes come served on hotplates and the meat is marinated for 24 hours so no sauce is required.

The restaurant used to be dim and dingy, as described by some but to me, I liked it better then when it was dim. It is now much brighter and has been taken over by the next generation of owners who are sons of the original owner. The food is still great though and I must say, I always enjoy eating there. Did I have a great meal? But of course!

Feline Happy snacks made my cat ill

25/07/2016 Leave a comment

The whole of last week, my wife and I were very worried because my cat could not eat or rather, refused to eat his regular food. And when he did eat his regular food, he would throw up. Not knowing what to do, we brought him to the vet for a check-up. The vet asked us what new food we had given him and the only thing my wife said she gave him were these Feline Happy treats. So the vet gave my cat an injection, gave us some medicine to give him, and told him under no circumstances are we to give him this Feline Happy snacks anymore. So there you have it…no more snacks for my cat…ant that includes Feline Happy.

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