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XLR plugs from CPC UK

Most of the time, when we are fixing or terminating XLR plugs, the brand in question is almost always Neutrik. That is why while I was at a customer’s place a couple of days back, and they asked me to terminate a new XLR plug for them, they gave me this packet, with a new XLR plug inside it. Apparently, they had some spare ones from CPC UK  and they wanted to use them first. So I said no worries and proceeded to do the termination. This XLR plug, in my honest opinion, was not built as well as the Neutriks. I do not know how to describe it but it does not have the quality that Neutriks “ooze”. But all that being said and done, this plug was soldered on the old cable (the old XLR plug had lost its rubberised ring) and it was put back to use.

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