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Battery for Polycom remote control

I was at a client’s place about a week ago, trying to connect up a Polycom RealPresence 500 when I came across the remote control that had a flat battery. The RealPresence group is shown above and as you can see the remote control is very slim. The battery has a very unique charging system, and very innovative. All you have to do is to unplug it and when the battery is removed from the remote, you can see that it “interfaces” with the remote via a USB connection. What you do after that is simply to plug the battery into a USB charger like so:

My only gripe is that it took some time to charge this battery, beside the charger being a fast charger. But charged in the end it was and I was able to do my work. I must say that this idea of a removable battery is a brilliant idea. Why aren’t other manufacturers doing this?

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