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EG4000CX Honda Generator

Just yesterday, while I was at a coffeeshop near my place, I could not enjoy my favourite cup of coffee because there were some people or rather, workers who were busy doing some road-works…minor roadworks, using an electric chisel of sorts to “drill” the floor. I noticed that they were using this Honda generator. Now I have been meaning to get a generator myself for roadshows where there is no power available. This Honda generaor looked like it has all the goods. From the Honda website, I came across the specifications:

  • The EG4000CX, EG5000CX, EG6500CX and EG6500CXS all feature large capacity fuel tanks for extended operating time, as well as the convenience of fuel gauges
  • The EG range is fitted with anti-vibration engine mounts and large noise-suppressing mufflers
  • Honda’s D-AVR (Digital Auto Voltage Regulator) uses a microcomputer to precisely control output voltage, providing high quality stable electricity
  • The D-AVR offers a greater level of stability than conventional AVR types resulting in reduced load on the devices driven by the generator, increasing their life and facilitating 100% performance
  • For functionality and added safety, an AC/DC circuit breaker and oil alert light are standard on all models, while an easy-to-use control panel features 15 amp sockets, battery charger and circuit protector
  • Equipped with a full steel frame to ensure engine protection and aid transportation, the EG range is also available with an optional four wheel dolly kit
  • All Honda generators feature Honda’s easy start technology for hassle-free starting even after long periods in storage, and operate on standard unleaded fuel

Looks pretty good eh? I like it already!


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