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Shashlik Restaurant

A couple of days back, we took our aunt who was celebrating her 80th birthday to Shashlik Restaurant, a Russian-Hainanese restaurant located at Far East Shopping Centre. This restaurant has been in operation since 1986 it seems, but I have a funny feeling that it has been around for longer. They serve a whole manner of meat dishes, ranging from their famous shashlik, to borscht soup. Their meat dishes come served on hotplates and the meat is marinated for 24 hours so no sauce is required.

The restaurant used to be dim and dingy, as described by some but to me, I liked it better then when it was dim. It is now much brighter and has been taken over by the next generation of owners who are sons of the original owner. The food is still great though and I must say, I always enjoy eating there. Did I have a great meal? But of course!

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