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The making of a Ramly Burger

Last month, during the Muslim fasting month, they had a bazaar of sorts behind the Sultan Mosque. Lots of food was sold at that place and one of my favourites is the Ramly Burger. I have made a post on it before but you probably have not seen how it is done. This is the picture of the preparation of the Ramly burger. First, the chef cooks the patties of beef or chicken. After they are cooked and seasoned with spices, he breaks some eggs and spreads them to make a thin omelette. After that, he wraps each of the patties in the omelette. He then squirts on some mayonnaise and barbecue sauce. After that, two buns are cooked on the hot-plate with some margarine spread on them. After the margarine has melted, he puts the omelette-wrapped patty in between the bread and there it is…your Ramly burger!

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