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Good morning Vietnam!

Yep…touched down in Vietnam, to be precise, Ho Chih Min City aka Saigon, which is the older name. But to be honest, I am used to calling it Saigon instead of its modern equivalent. The flight was not too long, shorter than 2 hours. The first thing I did was to change some money…and after that, get a prepaid phone card. The card cost me about 290,000 VND which is equivalent to about SGD$18. It came with unlimited data and with about 30m minutes of talktime. Not too bad actually considering that my wife got herself a data card, no talktime, for considerably less. I think that is what I will do next time, seeing that one can use the plethora of free apps on the phone nowadays. And because I have a mobile phone with dual SIM capability, I just make the data card the default card for data! In any case, on my way to the hotel now. Love it!

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