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Joseph Isaac Schooling wins an Olympic gold in Rio 2016

It was a beautiful Saturday morning and I was having a rest-in. All of a sudden, from around my house, my neighbours were yelling, giving out whoops of joy. So I, on my bed, reached for my mobile phone, turned it on and what greeted me made me just go bonkers. Joseph Schooling, our very own Singapore swimmer, had clinched an Olympic gold medal in the 100 metres butterfly! Now, if you do not know about the butterfly stroke, it is extremely hard to do and here was 21-year-old schooling, going against heavyweights like Michael Phelps no less, to clinch the gold medal!

Never the less, I jumped out of bed and put the TV on. I was waiting for the medal presentation ceremony of the 100 metres butterfly and I saw it…live. Three silver medallists who finished at the same time and one gold medallist, none other than Schooling. Then the Singapore flag rose and our national anthem was played. My heart just swelled with pride. Imagine, a Singaporean winning gold at the Olympic games and, I might add, smashed an Olympic record!

Congratulations Joseph. You EARNED it! We are all proud of you. Majulah Singapura!

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