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Linksys router dead

I had a rather unpleasant surprise the other day, a couple of days back in fact, when my Linksys WRT54G router decided to die on me. So I took out the power supply, which was very hot to the touch, and decided to measure the voltage. Bloody hell. It was measured at 18 volts DC instead of its nominal 12 volts! Just to ensure that I was not seeing things, I measured it again. True enough…18 volts! I thought that the heat had something to do with it so I promptly replaced the power supply with an Extron 12 volt power supply that I had on hand. I measure that…12 volts so I thought it would be ok. Hooked it up and the router started working again…only to have it die on me a few minutes later!

So I broke out the old Linksys WRT54GC router and will be using that until I get a new one. Bloody hell…a day of configuring, re-configuring and Internet downtime. But I must be thankful to this old WRT54G router. It gave many years of sterling service but nothing lasts forever. Thanks Linksys!

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