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Protest outside Singapore Embassy in Jakarta

We lost our 6th President of Singapore, Mr SR Nathan, when he passed away on Monday the 22nd. Condolences books were opened at our embassies all over the world for people to send their condolences. But then you have these bloody bastards in Jakarta Indonesia. They took this opportunity to launch a protest at the Singapore Embassy in Jakarta, during condolence signing, to put their point across that they disapproved over the alleged mistreatment of a retired Indonesian senior general, Lieutenant General (retired) Suryo Prabowo, in Changi Airport. He was being screened…as part of border security and was allowed to board his flight later

I have nothing against what you fellas want to do in your goddam country. You can do what you want. But when our ex-President passes away, and his condolence signing is marred by your protesters, carrying slogans asking Singapore to apologise or be prepared for war, I take umbrage at that. Try to fight us you bloody bastards, especially you motherfuckers from Pemuda Panca Marga. Don’t you ever threaten my country, you got that?

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