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Faulty power adapter from my Linksys WRT54GC router

This is a picture of the adapter that came with my Linksys WRT54GC router, the one that I had since December 2007. This router gave sterling performance until I retired it some time back. I noticed that the adapter was always wet and it was not because of water. Something must have been leaking out of it. It could have been electrolyte or something else because to be honest, one ting I notice about Linksys and their adapters of old is that they tend to get pretty hot and so, something for sure is going to get “baked” inside it. Yes, I jest you not…they get too hot to touch!

So a couple of weeks back when my main router died, I dug this out of storage and used it. I had no other choice as I had no router in the house. Boy, talk about a bad move. My router died and it was due to the bad adapter. Now I have a problem. I have a perfectly good router but no power supply. And the power supply has a weird voltage rating too… 3.3 volts DC! But I love this router and I am going to keep it. I just need to find an adapter.

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