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Usage of Serato DJ so far

So far, for the past month or so, I have been using Serato DJ instead of VirtualDJ when I DJ. I have found it to be pretty good. I cannot say the same thing about it when I first started using it because it took some getting used to. It is a whole different ball-game from VirtualDJ. There are some things that are similar and some which are not and I have had to get used to it. One of them was getting used to organising my song library. It took some time to get used to Serato’s way

The second thing is the price, and adaptability. I chose Serato DJ because it only cost me about US$99. And with Serato DJ, any controller that is compatible with Serato DJ just works when I plug it into my computer’s USB port. VirtualDJ only has the severely-crippled “light” version that is shipped with controllers, for use with that controller alone. The “pro” version of VirtualDJ 8 costs about US$300 and only then it is able to work with different controllers that are plugged into your computer port

So after being a VirtualDJ user for some time, was it easy to move to Serato? For me, it was rather straightforward. There will be questions and there will be adaptations to a whole new bit of software but once you get it dialled, you will understand why people swear by Serato. I still use VirtualDJ with my old Hercules DJ Console MK4 controller though so I have not given up on it totally. But I still owe a debt of thanks to VirtualDJ. It was my first partner into the digital world of DJ’ing and it taught me  lot. I dare say I would have been a lot less confident of myself handling Serato if it was not for VirtualDJ

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