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Pioneer DDJ-SB2

I wrote a write-up about the DDJ-SB some time back, a controller that a friend of mine was utilising, to great effect. Since then, I have seen it used in many places and while the DDJ-SB was viewed as an entry-level controller, it was pretty good and did the job well.

Also some time back, Pioneer released the DDJ-SB2, the updated model to the original DDJ-SB. Now I can almost hear you ask…what are the differences? Well, for the most part, one of the new things available on the DDJ-SB2 are the level meters. Now, you do not have to look at the Serato software LED meters to check on your levels. It also put to rest some of the complaints that DJs were making, something about what a cheaper controller like the DDJ-WeGo has LEDs but the more expensive DDJ-SB did not. Well, now that the DDJ-SB2 has them, that should put some of the complaints to bed

The second new feature on the DDJ-SB2 is the addition of TRIM knobs. Now there is a bone of contention about TRIM vs GAIN. The only difference is that GAINs are active and TRIMs are passive. But I digress. The TRIM knobs are a welcome setting but in a world where DJ software does all the autogain for you, you really start to ask yourself if this addition was needed. I think it still is needed and I think that it is a wonderful addition to the new DDJ-SB2

The third new feature is 4-deck control. Once again the DJs were complaining and once again about the DDJ-WeGo vs the DDJ-SB…why were there 4-deck control options on a cheaper controller? So Pioneer heard you and delivered…just like that.

So if you want to know more about the DDJ-SB2, check out the Pioneer website that will explain it in its entirety. It’s a bit big in size or else I would snap it up. I have always gone for small, zippy controllers like the DDJ-WeGo so it looks like this might be an impulse buy…later!

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