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Denon DN-MC6000 does not work with Serato DJ

I have always liked this Denon DN-MC6000 and at one time I was seriously thinking of buying it. It oozes Denon quality, is made of metal and is just reliable. But here is the shocker…well…not really a shocker as I should have known better.

About three weeks ago I was doing a party. One of my co-DJs had an issue with the Serato SL4 box that he plugged into. So he borrows a controller that one of the other DJs was using. Imagine his horror when he found out that this controller could not be detected by Serato DJ! Apparently, the DN-MC6000 MK-II is compatible with Serato. The other co-DJ was running on VirtualDJ and this controller works just fine with that…not with Serato DJ unfortunately

So there you have it folks. I was also asked this question fairly recently about the younger brother of the DN-MC6000 which is the DN-MC3000. That does not work with Serato DJ either. There are lots of these controllers up for sale online. Just be forewarned that they do not work with Serato DJ.

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