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Christians laying their hands on each other

I was in the bus the other day and I saw this group of kids, presumably Christians, sitting round in a circle and doing something akin to “transferral” to a kid sitting in the centre of the circle…like a prayer if you like. I have seen some Christian denominations doing that. I am not too sure what the procedure is called but it seems strange. Most of the time when we pray for a person, we just include that person in our prayers. We do not do this because it all boils down to faith in God. But then again, I suppose they have been told to do so by their elders and such so I suppose that is what they do. I do not know. I just find it strange. Maybe someone who reads this can explain this ceremony to me

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  1. 04/10/2016 at 09:01

    No ceremony or transference involved – no magic either. The Bible just says to lay your hands on someone and pray – for healing, to bless that person or as they did with the Apostle Paul to commission for a leadership role. Any response is from God though. The circle is just because they are around whoever is in the middle, not required. I think it is about intimacy and love in the Body of Christ – it requires you get close to others.

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