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Door closers

I have always been fascinated by these door closers. The earliest time in my life when I came across them was when I was a kid, at my grandparents’s house. They had such a door close on the door between the dining room and the kitchen. I remember that it did the job fairly well and closed the doors very slowly. But with these door closers, there are some issues. Take the picture that I took above. This door closer has a problem with the door and it looks like throughout it’s life, the door has had a variety of them. This they have to be changed and sometimes you cannot screw the new door closer into the same hole because the screw threads have worn out. So that causes the problem

I have always wondered how these door closers actually work on the inside. Is it a pneumatic mechanism that closes it? Or is it a giant spring-loaded mechanish. I really do not know. What I do know is that it takes some time to fine-tune these things. These things cam slam a door pretty hard if it wants to!

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