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The KLM smashed luggage saga

This post in Facebook was going viral yesterday, and it even made its way into the pages of Mothership. When I chanced upon it, I realised some things about this saga that should look at it from my point of view.

First of all, the rather dubious brand of the suitcase. It does not look like a good brand. I would hazard a guess that it only costs about $100. I mean look at the picture. I have never seen one smashed like that! And I know from whence I speak. There was a time when I used to travel a lot. I used to literally live out of hotels because of my job. The suitcase I used was a Samsonite. It was not mine but was one that used to belong to my parents. That suitcase took whatever you could throw at it and still survive intact. That suitcase probably cost my parents a pretty penny and would you believe it, it is still used by my sister! Another point is the Lojel suitcase that I used when I flew to Vietnam just last week. It was raining ex-Vietnam and my suitcase was in the rain and chucked into the baggage hold of the aircraft, wet and all. When we collected the bag in Singapore it was all wet and it looked like it had been thrown around a lot. Was it still in one piece? You bet it was!

Secondly, the airline. KLM is a big Dutch airline but come on guys. What is with the compensation of only $15? Is that the best you can give? Now look at the battering you guys are getting on social media. Do you really think it is worth it? These are the days of budget airlines. These budget airlines are eating a very, very big slice out of the travel market for big, commercial airlines. The last thing you KLM guys need is a social media backlash like this, especially with the economy being the way it is right now. Penny-wise, pound foolish…that is what I would honestly describe you guys.

And finally to Xiang Ying, the lady that wrote the post on Facebook. Treat this saga as a lesson learnt. get a better quality suitcase. I bet you guys probably bought this suitcase from those main-hall sales in places like Harbourfront and VivoCity. I have seen such sales at those places before to be honest, I was not too impressed by what these people had to offer and by the looks of it, this is what I feared the most. Spend a little bit more and get a reputable brand

Let us hope that these is an amicable settlement

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