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Incompetent StarHub helpdesk personnel

Here I was in Vietnam and I was trying to access my Gmail app. Now Gmail has 2FA or Two Factor Authentication. At least I set it up on my wife’s Gmail account. In any case, when I reached Vietnam, my wife, who is on an iPhone, does not have the luxury of a second SIM slot like my Android phone has. So when she put a Vietnamese SIM card in her phone, her Gmail app did not and could not work. She had to send a code to one of the two phone numbers and one of those phone numbers was mine. My StarHub SIM card could not even receive the SMS even though I had Pay As You Roam enabled. So my wife had to go without a Gmail while she had to make a long-distance call and ask the email sender to send it to me instead.

So when I get back home, I call Starhub to ask for an explanation and this is what they send me above. Idiotic right? That is why I say that the helpdesk has a bunch of the most incompetent idiots manning it

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