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Depusheng speakers and components

Just the other day, I was passing by a mall and there was an event in the main foyer. I thought I would go over to take a look at what systems they were using. When I passed the speakers, I had a look at them and saw that they were of this brand…Depusheng. They did not sound bad as it was not being pushed. So I waited a while to see how they sounded like

I did not have to wait long. After a while, the emcee started speaking and conducting games. That is when I started to find the speakers getting distorted. Then they started playing music through it and I heard the unmistakable “crack” sound that happens when a speaker is over-driven or the sound a speaker makes when it cannot handle the power of the amplifier.

When I got home later that day and scoured the China online sites like Taobao and Aliexpress, I found the exact line of speakers that I saw on sale there. They were very inexpensive and upon further checking, I found out that there is a speaker rental company renting these very same speakers and system for a bargain basement price. People like these kill the market by renting out cheap, inferior speakers for a cheap price. I was not too impressed by many of these China-made speakers and these Depusheng probably fits in that category.

Well, as they say, you pay your money and you do get what you pay for.

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