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RCA to minijack socket

A few days back, at a wedding, I was the DJ. It was my cousin’s wedding and all the guests had a great time. many thanks to my DDJ-WeGo and my MacBook for providing the music. But there was a bit of a problem. At one point in time, I noticed that the right channel of the mixer had no levels. So what I did was to fiddle with the RCA cables that connected my controller to my DI box. That did not do anything except to add more static to the system. I then checked my gig bag and noticed that I only had one stereo RCA to RCA cable. The only other cable in the gig bag was an RCA to mini-jack cable.

After kicking myself for not practicing what I preached, I decided or rather, vowed, that I would get one of those RCA to minijack sockets like the one pictured above. This would serve two purposes. One, if my RCA cable ever gave out again, I could use this in conjunction with my RCA to minijack socket as a way  to connect up to the house mixer. Since I did not have another cable, I turned both the PAN knobs on the Yamaha mixer (which my stereo DJDI was connected) to centre, giving it a mono signal.

In any case, I finally found out what was wrong. One day after the event when I was keeping my stuff away, I decided to test all my cables. My cables were all ok with no problems at all. So I suspect that it had to be the house mixer. I was a bit surprised that one of the channels that was used for my DI box was missing a PAN knob. I suppose it was faulty or must have been damaged, hence the dropping sound. But in a way, the silver lining in the dark cloud was that I bought this cable pictured above too…one day later!

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