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Yamaha MG10XU mixer

30/11/2016 Leave a comment

I installed the mixer at a client’s place yesterday. basically, he had a digital audio processor that went tits-up. That audio processor was the heart of his system and you know when the audio processor dies, there goes the whole PA system. So he comes to me and asks what solution can they have. I said I will think of an answer and the thing that came to my mind was…get a small mixer to use in place of that audio DSP while it is being repaired. And the mixer I chose? The Yamaha MG10XU

The mixer is an analogue mixer and is the successor of the MG82cx, the very same mixer that I have. Just like my MG82cx, it is well-suited for small, portable rigs and also for the big system at my client’s place. It is relatively inexpensive and has outstanding sound quality. Just like the MG82cx, this mixer has onboard digital effects, switchable phantom power, a pad switch, one-knob compressors, EQ, and LED metering,and so forth.

It took some time to hook up this mixer and remove the old DSPs but I managed to do it. We had to daisy-chain the inputs to the amplifiers though. It is not something I like to do but a quick fix was needed and this was the quick fix! After hooking up a wireless mic to it, and the only source which was an iPod Mini, the mixer worked fine and sounded absolutely crystal clear. Oh and I did I mention that it has a USB connection that you can connect to your computer? With that, you can use it as an audio interface and record your mixers by downloading Cubase, which is available as a free download.

Looks great. Maybe I should start getting more of these mixers for my clients. Once again, Yamaha saves the day!

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I came across this new bike from Ikea a couple of days back. The first thing that caught my eye was the belt-drive. Another thing that caught my eye was that this 26″ bicycle comes with a 25-year limited warranty on the frame and 10-year limited warranty on the belt drive. Brakes-wise, this single-speed bike comes with a front disc brake and a rear coaster brake. And that is not all. It has an automatic 2-gear system that is integrated into the rear hub. But the thing is, this thing is not cheap. I would not buy this. I can get a cheaper bike at my local bike shop that gives better parts.

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Kramer 907 power amplifier

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The Kramer 907 is a Class D power amplifier for line-level stereo audio signals. It accepts a balanced stereo audio signal on a terminal block connector. It delivers 150 watts per channel of music output to the speakers. I was testing out this Kramer 907 tiny power amplifier the other day and what can I say, this bloody thing can really pump some serious wattage! The following is a description of the features:

• Input and output on terminal block connections
• A volume control knob
• Gain control DIP-switches
• A mute button
• 24V DC power

I must say that power amplifiers like these are really useful for small applications such as powering a pair of small, outdoor speakers at say, a client’s restaurant or maybe even some small front speakers in a board room. very useful and small and I bet it does not cost half the earth. I also like the fact that it uses Phoenix connectors, hence the small footprint.

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Colonel Abrams is dead

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Back in 1985 or 1986, there was a gem of a song tearing up the dancefloor…a song that went to number one with a bullet. The name of the song? Trapped. The singer? A pioneering house music and R&B vocalist named Colonel Abrams. This is sad news because Stock, Aitken and Waterman (SAW) “kinda” sampled the bassline on trapped and got “inspiration” for the bassline for their huge Rick Astley hit Never Gonna Give You up.

Last year, Colonel Abrams was reportedly homeless and suffering from diabetes, and a crowd-funding effort by fans and friends was launched to get him back on his feet. This is sad. Tributes have been pouring in from legends like John “Jellybean” Benitez, Marshall Jefferson and many others. To DJs like us, we owe him a debt of gratitude for churning out all those songs and made the dance floors full. Rest in peace Colonel Abrams. You will be missed.

Fried Hokkien prawn mee at Golden Mile Hawker Centre

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I used to be an ardent fan of this stall at the basement of Golden Mile Hawker Centre back in the day but I am no longer a fan now. Granted, his Hokkien mee is very nice but this fella has gone a bit cocky. He used to sell his Hokkien mee at $3 a small plate and when we asked if we could “upsize” were all told rather curtly that they all cost $3. But then again, I put it down to the long hours that he puts in everyday to cook his dish so I did not take it too seriously

Imagine by amazement fairly recently when I saw a price rise at his stall. That small plate of Hokkien mee now costs $4! Can you imagine that? Of all the nerve! He ups the price and the size of the helping is still the same as when it was priced at $3! And not only that. When you want to get more sambal (chilli) they pull a long face and give you very little. That was when I decided to stop buying from him anymore

Sometimes, I am really amazed at how unethical some hawkers can be. Thanks but no thanks

Fidel Castro dead at 90

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Looks like 2016 is marching on and has claimed someone else. This time it was Fidel Castro, the Cuban prime minister and was the first secretary of the Communist party of Cuba. A lawyer by training, Castro led the Cuban Revolution and transformed the island into the first communist state in the Western Hemisphere. What many do not know is the Fidel Castro was the son of Spanish immigrants. In any case, I sincerely hoped he passed away peacefully. 90 years old is a grand age to reach!

Formula One car made out of cardboard

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Some time back…I think it was probably in the beginning of this year, I was at SUTD and I saw this Formula One racecar made out of cardboard. I do not know if the cardboard was recycled or not…but by the looks of it, it looks like it was a kit of sorts. The nice thing about this is that it can be recycled.

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