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The Western Co in the news for all the wrong reasons

There was a big story yesterday, trending in our local blog-o-sphere and in Facebook. The picture above, which I got from Mothership.sg shows the owner of the establishment, a certain Miss Larissa Yang, getting all angsty when a certain Mr Andy Wong patronised their establishment. Apparently he was treating his friends to a meal. He was told, in a WhatsApp post from the restaurant, that the establishment accepted NETS but when he got there, he found out it was not the case. He was pretty peeved and complained to his friends and the owner, who did not like what she either saw or heard, asked him to get out. You can read the whole story on Mothership.sg

Now I am not condoning Andy for making a mountain out of a molehill but when I want to give a treat, I make sure I am able to do so. I do my research and I check if the restaurant allows me to either pay by card or by cash. OK…so he complained to his friends but if were in his shoes, I will just eat, pay the bill and never come back. He wrote about his experience on Facebook on the restaurant’s page and the picture above shows the restaurant owner’s reply

As for the restaurant….all I can say is this. In the age of social media, you can get famous…or in this case, infamous. Take a step back and look what you did. This is a story that is going to live in infamy. And no Miss Yang…do not threaten to sue people (she did threaten to sue a food blogger) and apparently, she is remorseful. One part of us want to think that she made her own bed, so she must lay on it but another part of me actually pities her.

Think of it as a lesson to learn folks. All of us can learn from it. Yes…even me.

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