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The priest and the dying soldier

I saw this on a website named Rare Historical Photos. To be honest, I had seen this picture many times and always made a mental not to mention it in my blog but I always forgot. I always ended up kicking myself for not doing it earlier. So I decided to mention it today

Apparently, in this picture from 1962, navy chaplain Luis Padillo gives last rites to a soldier wounded by sniper fire during a revolt in Venezuela. Braving the streets amid sniper fire, to offer last rites to the dying, the priest encountered a wounded soldier, who pulled himself up by clinging to the priest’s cassock, as bullets chewed up the concrete around them. The photographer, Hector Rondón Lovera, did not know how he managed to take this photo as bullets were flying around him.

I think that this is a magnificent photo, although rather sad. The Man of God showed bravery…bravery from his faith. It sends a stark reminder to me to always believe in God…always.

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